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Highest Efficiency Premium Range Produces 93% FREE Heat Patented Quality Engineering Lowest running cost = Ongoing $$$ Savings

Kleva Heat Inverter Heat Pump is up to 16.4 TIMES more energy efficient

INVTR-S Xtreme Silence Premium Series
Heat Technology Efficiency COP
Kleva Heat Inverter Heat Pump Produces up to 16kW of heat from 1kW of electricity 16 Times more Efficient 16
Standard on/off heat pump Produces average 4kW of heat from 1kW of electricity 4
Gas heating Produces about 830W of heat from 1kW of gas 0.83
Element Electric element Produces average 1kW of heat from 1kW of electricity 1
Solar Water Collector Produces average 0.4kW of heat from 1kW Btu of sunlight 0.4

* COP Coefficient of Performance is the universal measure of water heating efficiency, how many times more heat is produced for every 1kW of electricity consumed.

Patented Back-discharge Design Invisible Fan Ultra Quiet

Patented BACK DSCHARGE contoured acoustic moulded casing delivers quietest possible operation in class while enhancing heating efficiency synchronises the the operating system automatically.

Extreme Silence

Enjoy the peace and quiet of of mind by INVTR-S! Thanks to the patented air stream design technology and the noise cancelling acoustic casing the sound output is less than a domestic fridge.

Full Range Intelligent Inverter

Inverter Management System harnesses the industry’s leading efficient full inverter twin rotary compressor control system. With smart conversion of compressor, fan motor & EEV pressure system, it provides best in class ongoing energy savings while delivering highest heating output performance.

Features of SMRT INVERTA


DC Twin-Rotary Inverter
compressor of Mitsubishi


EV technology: 10 times flexibility to adjust the gas flow and increase the COP by up to 20%


Reverse cycle defrosting with 4-way valve for quick & efficient defrosting


wisted titanium heat exchanger: 40% higher efficiency than normal titanium heat exchanger.


Designed for down to
Air – 10 C Operation

Smart Wi-Fi APP

With smart Wi-Fi App, you can see or control SMRT INVERTA anywhere any time.

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