Why Klevaheat

With over 30 years experience in Pool Heating Solutions in Australia let us help you find the best solution for your pool.

KLEVAHEAT Premium Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

Klevaheat Next Generation Full Inverter Dynamic Technology

Klevaheat Premium Heat Pumps are at the leading edge of inverter technology with revolutionary control system to dynamically manage the entire system to generate maximum heat with minimal energy consumption constantly changing to system components to harness the local environmental conditions.

Latest micro system, with unique onboard computer technology and unique airflow design, sound cancelling anti-noise technology and Ultra quiet Full Inverter , Quiet Twin rotary compressor system, best in class. Stepless DC inverter. ( Less efficient systems use stepped or single speed compressor systems ) Optimised heating performance result in increased power savings for you.

The Klevaheat pool heat pumps dynamically adjust to run at middle to low speed which leads to the best energy-saving performance and ultra silent operation – delivering more than 50% energy savings compared to a standard on/off-pump and faster pool heating.

Klevaheat Factory Backed and Guaranteed 25 Years On Titanium Heat Exchanger and 5 Years on compressors, 2 tears on components

All Klevaheat Full Inverter pool heat pumps have exceptional performance and are designed and built to last and delivery reliable heating in Australia’s harshest conditions. Klevaheat Premium Full Inverter heat pumps are manufactured using premium, best in class components, have been quality tested by Europes TuV Rheinland and are CE marked. For peace of mind, backed by real Factory backed warranties and local services.

We offer FULL replacement cover for the first 12 months should there be a manufacturing fault.

Premium Design and Installation Advice for

Klevaheat Ranges of Full Inverter Heat Pumps are attractive, space saving lines and discreet with a reduced clearances for any application. We have various Klevaheat Ranges offering different shapes, sizes and mounting systems to accommodate any installation and can custom engineer specialist mounting brackets and ducting systems if required. Our innovative hidden fan systems, backward airflow and side air intake design hides the fan and allows the heat pump to aesthetically blend in to the environment.

Marine-grade anti-rust materials and Aluminium or ABS casing ensure elegant design, excellent aesthetic appeal and silence in an efficient system.

Easy use digital display controller and intuitive, reliable and user friendly and all Klevaheat Systems have Wi-Fi as standard.

Electronic Expansion Vale (EEV) Technology

The electronic expansion valve automatically increases the Klevaheat Heat Output Performance (COP coefficient of performance by 20%.) as it dynamically adjusts and manages the refrigerant circulating in the system to harness maximum heat in the environment surrounding the Klevaheat System . This results in increased energy savings with the Klevaheat inverter heat pump producing up to 16Kw of Heat in the pool water from 1 Kw of electricity consumed ie the higher COP value up to 16 times.

Klevaheat Noise Cancelling Design and Component Technology

Ensure a quiet, peaceful and comfortable swimming environment. Klevaheat Systems all use twin Rotary Compressors, the Silent Mitsubishi twin rotary system, along with deflective sound cancelling casings, brushless fans systems , dynamic EEV. The Klevaheat Silence Series revolutionary airflow system draws air from the sides and releases it at the back. When combined with the Mitsubishi twin rotary inverter compressor and DC brushless fan, the sound level of our inverter pool heat pumps is as low as 41dB(A) at 1m – 10 x more silent than your traditional On/Off heat pump.

Designed to Operate in air temperatures from -5°C to +43°C

Klevaheat Full Inverter pool heat pumps are suitable for all pools and operates with an outside temperature of -5°C to +43°C and the onboard computer ensures maximum running efficiency full the full range of ambient temperatures, through dynamic adjustment. This allows many options for season extension or all year round swimming, no matter what the ambient temperature. Allowing you to use your swimming pool in any season. Klevaheat System come standard with automatic reverse cycle defrosting. All units are heating and cooling systems.

KLEVAHEAT : Environmentally Friendly ECO design

Offering low energy consumption and high-efficiency heating exchange, sustainainable design, Klevheat pool heat pumps all offer eco-friendly operation, sustainable R32 natural refrigerant gas which has optimal heat exchange heat-load properties and delivers maximum heat most economically.

Klevaheat system all come standard with Wi-Fi

Klevaheat Systems come standard with built-in WiFi Control allowing you to remotely adjust the temperature via smartphone, portable tablet or computer. Control the heat of your pool, anywhere and anytime.